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Sandeep MV

Sandeep is in his mid thirties. After his 9 year stint in the IT industry Sandeep moved to his true calling Photography, he is a true traveller and loves to capture his travels from his lens. Sandeep has a fine eye for portraits, he loves to surprise his clients with perspectives which, only he can pull off. If he is not actively managing his calendar of shoots he is pondering over what new styles to bring in to portraits. A honest guy with his heart into photography full time and he his truly happy in his space. Sandeep though reticent opens up instantaneously when he is shooting, he drives the creative content part of SUNBURSTT.

He is also a

1) Sony Influencer for Fashion and lifestyle

2) Profoto Mentor

3) Mentor for Zeiss camera & Lenses







Preetham in his early thirties is a charmer. Infact all the PR is pushed on to him. He manages it with aplomb. Preetham though from the IT industry is well nuanced about the fashion industry. His strengths lie in visualizing images which can be connecting with people not just across countries but continents. With a patience to match his smile, he is someone where the word ‘sweet’ come across short. Preetham interests apart from photography run across fast bikes and cars and the word ‘fast’ needs a new definition when you travel with him. Preetham is the go to man at SUNBURSTT for all things which need to be taken to its logical end.



            The team at SUNBURSTT is a motley crowd of freelancers be it makeup artists, creative chaps, techie nerds who dissect every camera and lens, lighting gurus, foodies who actually provide the necessary back end to keep things running. Interestingly the TEAM at SUNBURSTT is more of creative guys and girls who are full time investing their time and resources to make the front end of SUNBURSTTworking be it social media, creative content and networking.